Morning Flow & Meditation

*Begins March 2nd
Nomad Collective, at The Abode



Morning Flow and Meditation classes merge movement with breath to improve health and restore balance. Creative sequencing and deep attention to alignment encourages students to move deeper into their practice. By relaxing tension and calming the mind, students tune into the subtleties of the present moment. By slowing down the constant thoughts, clients gather tools to really hear oneself and make educated choices about what they need. The mind, body and spirit align to create the experience of a moving meditation.

Ha.le Yoga 

Ha.le Mind & Body


HaLe’ Yoga integrates movement, breath, and awareness to connect you to yourself and cultivate health. Students at all levels will appreciate this blend of breathwork and movement as we strengthen, relax, and stretch the body and the mind. This is a practice, not a performance, so feel free to turn inwards, explore your body-mind connection, and discover new levels of practice for yourself.


Inside Out Yoga



Inside Out Yoga is like taking a mini workshop! Each class is designed around one yoga pose and focuses on discovering the fundamentals of that pose in the body from the inside out. We will spend the first half of the class warming up and preparing the body for the pose and the second half getting into the pose, adjusting, modifying and finding correct alignment with time for discussion and questions afterwards. This class is great for all levels of students - those who are just finding yoga and those who want to dive deeper into their practice.